Your logo is the most obvious symbol of your brand, representing everything that you stand for – be that tackling a killer disease, or protecting the environment. But your brand is also conveyed in your behaviour, for example the way your staff speak to service users, or how good you are at reporting your social impact. Your brand value is the trust and understanding people place in your organisation, product or service and the extent to which this lives up to the promise of your brand.

Perhaps your business has evolved, the needs of your service-users have changed, or you’ve merged with another organisation and you don’t feel your brand resonates with your key audiences. well read can review your brand and identity, evaluate how your brand is perceived and how this compares with how you’d like to be understood.

We can help you crystalise your organisation’s mission and values, give you the tools to ensure consistent messaging and develop a brand strategy to help build greater confidence and understanding in your brand.

If a rebrand is required to signal a new role and purpose, or to extend your reach, we can help you develop a completely new brand working with our talented graphic design Associate, Hayley Beaumont, including providing you with a new brand visual identity, image library and tone of voice.

Take a closer look at our brand graphic design and marketing services (and costs) here: Brand and Marketing Services


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