New Year’s Resolution – don’t work all the time…

A New Year, a fresh start and a list of resolutions …but go on, admit it, have you already succumbed to the biscuit tin (don’t worry your dentist isn’t actually watching you!)?

We all start the New Year pledging to shave an inch off our midriff, start reading some improving books, or perhaps be more mindful. The problem with New Year resolutions is that if we don’t see or feel the benefits quickly, we give up and quickly return to our former bad habits.

And so it is with our work-based aspirations. For me, having some strong resolutions and sticking to them throughout 2017, is essential if I’m really going to gain some momentum with my business growth.

So armed with self-knowledge and a determination to gain some traction with Well Read in 2017, here are my work-based resolutions for 2017…they might just work for you too:

  1. Write a weekly blog – on anything. Being in the social-media sphere without anything original to say is a bit like going to a party and having nothing interesting to talk about. Be inspired by current affairs, reputation management issues and digital media. Don’t worry so much about it being too heavily referenced, clever or witty, but draw upon experience and insight gained over the years – don’t hide your light under a bushel.
  2. Do more face-to-face networking. With the world at your fingertips it’s easy to fall into the trap of scouring the internet for opportunities and treating social media marketing as the ‘be all and end all’. Events and local business fora not only provide great opportunities to dish out the business cards, but also helps you to keep abreast of funding opportunities and local issues.
  3. Ensure you capture great feedback and testimonials. There’s nothing like a strong independent endorsement to give your business credibility. There’s a window of opportunity for asking clients to write nice things about you, while the benefits of what you have done for them is fresh in their minds. Giving people an idea of what you’re looking for can really help, as can giving them a deadline, offering to include a link from your website to theirs, and offering to write a testimonial for them, perhaps on Linked in, by return.
  4. Have a positive attitude and plan for success. Imagine everything that is possible for your business and have the focus and discipline to put in place short, medium and long-terms goals, rather than simply drift along. With a strong brand and website, a growing network of contacts and some of the practical processes in place (I weirdly enjoy the HMRC self-assessment webinars), the world really is my oyster in 2017.
  5. Last but not least – don’t work all the time. The advantage of an overactive brain is that meditative activities like sewing, walking the dog or even, tackling a messy child’s bedroom, enable creative ideas to flow and solutions to problems rise to the surface much more readily than when staring at a blank screen. In any case, remember that you’re freelance for a reason, so you’re not going to get sacked if you take a couple of hours out to do something else and come back to your desk feeling refreshed and enthusiastic.

Okay, so I might not get thinner thighs as a result of doing all the above, but hopefully, I might just reap the business dividends in 2017.

I’d love to hear your work-based resolutions. Please write in the comments box below. Oh, and invite me to any events you think I might be interested in – I really need to get out more! You can contact me via email:


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